About Us (beta version)

A little History

It started from the love of tech. As a tech enthusiast we always kept up with the latest tech year after year. In 2017 Apple released the iPhone X and for a staggering price of $999. Before the release we were so excited to get the newest iPhone with the new design and all that came with it that we were okay with the $999 price tag. We waited till midnight for it to show up on the Apple Store app to be purchased. Once midnight came and it was released on the site we rushed to be the first ones to checkout before it sold out.
Everything was good we picked our colors and memory size until the end when reality hit us. As adults with other obligations such as bills to pay we all stared at the price on the check out page deciding if it was a smart decision to spend $1,000 on a phone. With the love we had for apple devices we decided not to go through with it. Then soon realized there has to be a problem for others just like us and 2 years later Leversage was born. A place where others like us who would love to have the latest tech to get access to their desired item.

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Email us: Theleversage@gmail.com